Monday, April 16, 2018

My Journey Through The Multiverse

I wanted to share the experience I had listening and meditating to Tom Kenyon's latest and, sad to say, perhaps last Hathor transmission: "The Multiverse Sound Meditation."

I expanded my core essence and I immediately lifted up while listening to the meditation. I rose through the astral and then through the 4th dimension. I broke/passed through the glass ceiling/membrane between the 4th and 5th dimensions. I flew up through the void and went higher into the waves of energy that are the quantum realm. I continued to lift higher through the dimensions until I reached the galactic center that is 9th dimension.

The center of the Milky Way is a star gate/portal and I went through the portal and popped out at the top of our universe. I flew above our universe and saw the multitude of universes. They look like grapes on a vine, rows and rows of universes, different shapes and shades of colors, but all universes are circular/oval. The "vines" that hold the universes are composed of a white and black light energy. These two energies mix together and form the universes. I swam into the white light that creates the vines or cords that hold the universes and traveled to the Creator of our Multiverses, a very large Being of energy, of white and black light. I could see that the black flowing light energy is matter and the white and dark energy mix to create all that is.

I enter the Creator of our multiverses (the word that best describes this being is “Creation" as it is a constant state of creating) and I saw another worm hole/portal/star gate. I entered the star gate and traveled even higher through a tunnel of light. I entered a caramel colored plane that looked and felt like complete stillness, then 2 very large Beings of this golden caramel light came forward to me and I got they are the gatekeeper/guardians for this realm. The communication with guardians was telepathic and one of them said "you did it! you made it." Then the large Being picked me up in what seemed like a palm and then both guardians propelled me up as if launching me even higher. I skyrocketed very quickly into a stream of energy above. The stream of energy was filled or made up completely by tiny shimmering particles. When I entered the stream of particle energies I broke into thousands of small luminescent particles. I floated in pieces and every piece/particle of me was conscious and sparkly. Each particle had a picture and each particle made the whole of who I am.

I stayed floating in a particle state and allowed the imprint into my consciousness of who I was before I even entered our universe and our Earth life system. When it was time to return back into my body, all the particles came together and I started floating down. I gave my love and gratitude to the gatekeepers, I went back into Creator of our Multiverses, swam back down through the "vines" of white light back in through the top of our universe and entered back through our Milky Way center and down back into my body.

After meditation I was happy knowing I am always taken care of and that I am a Creator Being. Perhaps I can change creation within the stream of particles but not sure as of yet what this means and how it effects my day to day.

I can feel the guardians of Creation of our Multiverses and them supporting my efforts to evolve and continue to map out our existence and multiverse.

Here is link to Tom Kenyon’s latest blog and sound meditation, "The Multiverse Sound Mediation"

Much love, Valentina

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