Saturday, March 9, 2019

Change of Ages 

In this very moment we are in a great change, a “Shift of Ages." Some believe it is the end of the world, the Apocalypse; however, this is the shift of consciousness towards the Age of Aquarius. We are in a tremendous shifting of letting go of the old age, and bringing in the new.

We are now transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Each age is about 2,000 years, and shapes our society and our beliefs. 

We are leaving the age of Pisces, which is a water sign. It has also been the age of organized religion, control by religion, illusion, delusion, masks, false prophets, control of people’s minds to have power over them, external salvation, crucifix and blind faith (to believe something with no evidence). The center of the Age of Pisces is Europe.

The Age of Aquarius is an air sign and is the age of truth, knowing, karma, open Universe, human freedom, human choice, ability to think what we want to think, Higher Self, Quantum physics, alchemy, astrology, and technology. The center of the Age of Aquarius is South America. (Yes, the age of Aquarius will have its shadow side...I feel that shadow is abuse with technology and Artificial Intelligence).

When one age shifts into another its always traumatic and chaotic. Old patterns, beliefs and behaviors have to break down in order to make space for the new patterns and beliefs. We are having a crisis in our belief systems as we change into this new consciousness.

In the age of Pisces we have been off-balance and living more in the dark than in the light. From 2018 till December 2020 we are breaking down the old, without the new grounded into place. The old paradigm coming down can bring about feelings of uneasiness and intensity as decades of ugly corruption and abuse are exposed. The peak of the shift will come with the 2020 Winter Solstice. 

With the chaos and lack of understanding of the natural change of ages, we can unconsciously create a nightmare with our thoughts as we try to hold onto our old ways of being, acting and thinking. Therefore, it is important to be conscious of our thoughts, and try to think primarily about what you want to create. 

The age of Pisces was the age of grace; forgiveness, no matter how badly one behaves. The age of Aquarius, however, is the age of karma - we reap what we sow.

Divine love and our Higher Selves never abandon us...although it may feel like that at times. 

Allow yourself to flow with the changes and let your old belief systems and patterns of behavior fall away to the wayside. Remember, we create what we think.

Practice random acts of kindness as we enter the age of karma and the Quantum age.

Much love, Valentina

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hello Friends and Soul Family!

The approaching Winter months
As we approach the darker months of winter, it’s helpful to think about the many ways our Earth Mother is actually just becoming very quiet, becoming ready to rejuvinate herself in the spring. 

This is a good analogy for us - as the year draws to a close, what things do we need to discard? What do we keep, and what new loving behaviors and healthier energies can we bring on-board for the New Year?

This year, Winter Solstice falls on Friday, December 21…place a note on your calendar! Then, gather a few friends together for healthy food and refreshments. Invite everyone to light candles, create vision boards or write up your own personal affirmations for yourself, and affirm loving wishes for family and friends. 

Ceremony can be a simple but powerful way to connect with family in a meaningful way at this busy time. You can also simply stand in a circle, holding hands while sharing each’s dream for the coming year. 

Announcing a new service to celebrate my upcoming Ten Year Anniversary 
At the start of this New Year it will be ten years since I started my own business working as a seer and psychic.

That work gradually evolved into clearings of negative energies and etheric body distortions, as well as soul retrievals.  

And, in 2012 I discovered the quantum field. When we are in the quantum, we are Every-where and Every-when. We have the ability to remove programmed traumas from our past lives, clear past lives, clear trauma stemming from early childhood as well as ancestral traumas, any curses and contracts, and much more. 

If any of these issues resonate with you please schedule a quantum session soon.

Also, I have a new service I’ll be offering! I get numerous emails every week with people requesting my ability to “see” and peer into their life’s most pressing issues and help them with difficult decisions. In light of these frequent requests and in celebration of my ten years of owning my own healing business, I am offering 30-minute phone - as well as remote - Psychic Intuitive Readings. And, I will be charging $75 - the price I was charging in 2009.

Psychic/Intuitive readings can help us move forward…letting go of what no longer serves us, or validating and confirming what we already knew.

My seeing abilities have improved vastly in the last ten years so I look forward to offering my abilities to help you with any questions that may be causing confusion and perhaps keeping your frequency in a low range.

30-Minute Psychic/Intuitive Readings
Both Phone or Remote (email) readings are available. $75.00

During this busy time, sending much love and best intentions for your health and your happiness.

Wholeness and balance, 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Clearings and Consciousness

Clearings and Consciousness

During the bi-weekly Friday clearings many of you now subscribe to, I usually do not take notes of what is cleared - it slows me down, as I have to keep jumping from 9D energy to 3D form.

Therefore, usually once something is cleared I let go, and the memory quickly fades.

Every two weeks, however, I’ve noticed there are common occurrences with clients that need to be cleared. Two weeks ago a common image during clearings was of dinosaurs within and around people; I saw their tails, and we pulled them out. Perhaps this is metaphor with the dinosaurs representing outdated energy within and around the individual.

During this past Friday’s work there was a common issue that needed clearing. Numerous clients had swirling, grey mini-storms surrounding them.

When we went to vacuum out the mini-storms with golden light, they did not move up like smoke, or like etheric energy. So, we next went beneath the storms and started lifting and pushing them up.

When getting a closer look, I saw within the storms flying insects like wasps (some felt bigger like locusts); regardless of the exact description, there were masses of flying insects around individuals in what I felt were mini-storms.

When clearing storms and going higher into the galactic core to get them recycled, they hardened, felt like hives, and had the shape of a hive.

Could this be the hive mind of the synthetic matrix enveloping individuals? How has your skin been? Any red marks or eruptions?

It is important to stay informed, but also doubly important to not lose yourself in the matrix world of duality, i.e., “Us vs Them.”

That will keep one in victimhood or dominance-hood, and both ways are off-balance.

For energetic hygiene and care, periodically do give your body system a shut down, or a retreat, from distractions. Stay grounded while taking some time to walk in nature. Quiet the mind, and turn off electronics.

Love vibration
Allow yourself to expand your heart as wide as you can, and sit in and with that energy. The best way to expand your heart is visualize someone or things you are grateful for in your life.

Hold that image as you breathe in light through your nose. Breath out through your mouth into your heart several times, and visualize a golden nugget of energy in your heart. Expand this golden nugget of energy with your breath as wide and as big as you can.

The golden nugget becomes a golden orb, and you can expand it three feet, or as wide as your home and beyond!

Bi Weekly Clearings
First and Third Fridays of the month I offer clearings for my clients.

Much love my Earth and Cosmic travelers,

Thursday, July 19, 2018

“The Thoughts In My Head Are Not My Own”

I am not a morning person. I move slowly in mornings, and stay in bed to ground and journal about dream time, or spend time processing as I return back into my body.

For me, sleep time is for the body and mind; the spirit however, does not sleep, and instead journeys through our unconscious and subconscious, or hangs out with the spirits of physical friends who are also out-of-body.

One thing I am aware of when returning back into body is that sometimes I cry, and feel stressed - even though the night before bed, I had none of that. At times when waking up, I am not grounded into my body and instead, float way above even though my body and mind are awake. When this happens, I believe my Spirit is in a collective unconsciousness energy field around the earth. 

This energy field/ring around Earth holds every thought every human has had or is having, and is referred to by Robert Monroe, a pioneer in exploration and research about out-of-body experiences, as the "H Band Noise.” He calls the H Band Noise “the peak of uncontrolled thought that emanates from all living forms on Earth, particularly humans.”  "It you consider it as truly all,” he says, "even in a current time frame, you get a better idea of the magnitude of this disorganized, cacophonous mass of messy energy.” (Ultimate Journeys, pg. 17).

The H Band Noise is a chaotic energy with fighting, yelling and screaming and feels like an angry mob. It's best advised to pass quickly through this band of energy when traveling out of body and upon returning back into body.

Get grounded as day begins

When I find myself in the H Band, I say to myself: “In body now,” and I start grounding myself back into my body by bringing down golden energy from Milky Way galactic core and anchoring my cord into core of Earth. (Below is link for a grounding meditation/exercise I made last year).

Another helpful practice: visualize and physically pull on your grounding cord (connected at our tailbone) as if pulling on a kite’s tail to bring oneself back down and then flood with golden light to keep in body.

Although I love life and life loves me...there is still more to investigate besides the H Band regarding my occasional sadness upon returning back into body and this realm. Out-of-body I am happy, confident and fearless...but when returning back into body sometimes I have felt sad and stressed.

What I discovered is that our bodies are the unconscious part of ourselves! Our bodies hold the energetic, emotional and mental traumas and distortions that can keep us in lower frequency fields.

I invest much time and energy on my physical body as well as on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I have found that moving my body as much as possible by walking, hiking, yoga, biking, dancing and making love helps move the distortions and the energy of emotions out of the body. I have also found that coffee enemas have had a profound effect in moving out distorted energy, especially anger that is stored in the liver.

Practice cutting through “thought loops” to maintain a high vibration

We are multidimensional Beings having a human experience...our consciousness is valuable to create realities and give strength to those already created.

At times I have repeating thoughts that lower my frequency…do you ever find yourself in this trap?

At first, I thought these unwanted thought loops were coming from within me...however, after investigating and trying different approaches I know it is coming from outside myself - these thoughts truly are not my own.

...When I find myself in a thought loop I immediately repeat: “The thoughts in my head are not my own, the thoughts in my head are not my own,” and find this cuts the thought loop; I even perceive energy around my head that falls away. Give it try when you find yourself in repeating thought loops that lower your frequency. 

Grounding Mediation/Exercise

Here's an effective meditation exercise to help you stay grounded and in your body… in the midst of a busy morning, a busy day, these chaotic times, or anytime your energy needs a boost. 


If you have been meaning to schedule a session with me, now is a very good time. I am offering 10 percent off for the months of July and August in conjunction with the “eclipse sandwich!”
{The next eclipse occurs July 27 /lunar eclipse, and after that, August 11 /partial solar eclipse}.

Remember to take care of your physical well as your emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

May we always walk in Beauty,


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Summer Solstice 
How are you doing after the intense energies from the Solstice?
I ask because on the day leading up to Solstice I felt anxiety, and had to drink two adrenal cocktails (orange juice, sea salt and cream of tarter - recipe link below) to keep my body’s system in balance.
During the Solstice I went within and saw the next phases of evolution. It was shown that there are two Earths. One Earth is balanced and people are kind and authentic with no judgement or division. People are helping each other and are on the same vibrational frequency. And then I saw the 2nd Earth, and this Earth was still in the dark ages, or perhaps a better description is Draconian age. People sick, black goo in their teeth, judgmental, superstitious; humans, and especially the feminine, seen as the cause of all suffering; and people lying, cheating and stealing from each other with the mentality of lack and "me vs. them”.

Soul retrievals 
I felt I needed soul retrievals and did several, bringing back from the dark ages world all my soul pieces and energy; my anxiety subsided. After I felt better, I had sessions with two clients and saw that both had pieces stuck in this Dark Ages world. We did soul retrievals and clearings of dark ages programing, and they both reported a rapid healing and return of energy.
Feedback from one session:
“Just a quick note to tell you that it is not yet noon and I am feeling like my old self again. What an incredible difference immediately! What a wonderful healing! You are amazing Valentina.”

Phone sessions
I am opening up phone sessions again as I feel it is important at this time to connect verbally for the healing work, and I miss you! One of the reasons I was no longer taking phone sessions is that I am not a trained therapist and I was having issues with time and boundaries. I hope we can keep session time talking about the issue at hand, and the healing work.
The sessions began with a 15-20 minute discussion of the main issue you need help with. We hang up the phone, and the client lays down while we (our Higher Selves) do the work. After work is complete, I call back and share what is cleared. I am so looking forward to assisting in any way I can to help others leave the dark ages and enter an evolved New Earth.

New: Group ClearingsI would also like to remind you of group clearings every other Friday. I call them group clearings but we work on everyone individually.
Our next group clearing is Friday, June 29 and on July 13 and 27.  I am very proud of group clearings! There is a lot of love and flow of golden energies. Below is link for more information.

Always with love,

Group Clearings

Adrenal cocktail recipe:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Death Paid Me A Visit…

A couple of times in the month of May, “Death” paid me a visit. It appeared as a black skeleton with cape and sickle. On both occasions I said “no;” it is not my time.

First visit I was defiant, saying “no, you can’t make me go with you, “no, I have free will” and "it is my will that I stay," and he went away. The second time I encountered “Death,” I said no, but this time I was more curious as too why he came around again thinking, "what is dying within me? What part of my life will be leaving? 

I flew with him (definitely male vibrating energy), and he showed me a land with the sun rising, waving his arm with sickle over the land. I did not understand and I did not like his energy so I flew away and had Organic Beings of Light (from galactic core) travel down and take “death” back to galactic core, where I saw him dissolve into golden particles. 

When this death entity visited me I was never in a state of panic, fear or depression; it felt odd that death would appear as several times I've seen myself in my 60s at my daughters wedding with long silver and white hair.

What stood out however, was how cartoonish the land and rising sun looked that he showed me. For me, that is red flag that is the synthetic matrix because it is a copy, not original, not “real."  When ever I see cartoon-like visions in healing sessions it’s a clue we are dealing with a synthetic simulation/manipulation.  

Another death-related aspect that caught my attention recently were the most recent high profile “suicides” (suicided) in the media, as well as a most recent session with a client.  

In the session, I saw client being squeezed by hand of a giant named Cronos. I found this interesting, as I never get names of entities but this was very distinct - the name spelled out in large letters.  I did not know what that meant and I am not sure if client knew either; it was discussed briefly during the share back with all the other stuff we are able to clear while working multidimenasioanlly in the quantum realm.

I did a google search about Cronos and the most interesting connection was with a Greek Titan Cronus, Cronos, Kronos. He was the father of the Greek patriarchal pantheon and what stood out most was that he carries and is associated with the sickle, associated as the God Saturn and Father Time.  

“Cronus represented the destructive ravages of time which devoured all things, a concept that was illustrated when the Titan king ate the Olympian gods — the past consuming the future, the older generation suppressing the next generation.[13]”  Wikipiedia. 

(This reminded me of all the transformations the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn has and is going through and will continue to go through till Pluto moves out of Capricorn in 2024. Pluto, "lord of the underworld," is clearing out Saturn's shadows and is moving from a vibration of old rigid man time and patriarchal rule to a strong, wise and balanced energy).  

Why is Cronos making himself known and making a big effort to harvest as many souls as possible at this time? Is it to stay relevant since so many of us are experiencing intervals of the New Earth?  Is it a backlash from the old dying patriarchal system of dominance, fear and control to harvest as much energy as possible to keep the old matrix programs of old Earth going?

I do not have the answers, but I love asking the questions. I will continue to investigate and explore beyond the physical. 

I wanted to share this with you in case you encounter something similar. If “Death” pays you a visit in visions, dreams or meditation, do not be fearful and do not automatically go if you feel and know it is not your time.  We have the power of Creator Beings to continue to walk fearlessly and in love as we create a New Earth of balance, love, harmony and care for the Earth and each other. 

Always with love, Valentina

Monday, April 16, 2018

My Journey Through The Multiverse

I wanted to share the experience I had listening and meditating to Tom Kenyon's latest and, sad to say, perhaps last Hathor transmission: "The Multiverse Sound Meditation."

I expanded my core essence and I immediately lifted up while listening to the meditation. I rose through the astral and then through the 4th dimension. I broke/passed through the glass ceiling/membrane between the 4th and 5th dimensions. I flew up through the void and went higher into the waves of energy that are the quantum realm. I continued to lift higher through the dimensions until I reached the galactic center that is 9th dimension.

The center of the Milky Way is a star gate/portal and I went through the portal and popped out at the top of our universe. I flew above our universe and saw the multitude of universes. They look like grapes on a vine, rows and rows of universes, different shapes and shades of colors, but all universes are circular/oval. The "vines" that hold the universes are composed of a white and black light energy. These two energies mix together and form the universes. I swam into the white light that creates the vines or cords that hold the universes and traveled to the Creator of our Multiverses, a very large Being of energy, of white and black light. I could see that the black flowing light energy is matter and the white and dark energy mix to create all that is.

I enter the Creator of our multiverses (the word that best describes this being is “Creation" as it is a constant state of creating) and I saw another worm hole/portal/star gate. I entered the star gate and traveled even higher through a tunnel of light. I entered a caramel colored plane that looked and felt like complete stillness, then 2 very large Beings of this golden caramel light came forward to me and I got they are the gatekeeper/guardians for this realm. The communication with guardians was telepathic and one of them said "you did it! you made it." Then the large Being picked me up in what seemed like a palm and then both guardians propelled me up as if launching me even higher. I skyrocketed very quickly into a stream of energy above. The stream of energy was filled or made up completely by tiny shimmering particles. When I entered the stream of particle energies I broke into thousands of small luminescent particles. I floated in pieces and every piece/particle of me was conscious and sparkly. Each particle had a picture and each particle made the whole of who I am.

I stayed floating in a particle state and allowed the imprint into my consciousness of who I was before I even entered our universe and our Earth life system. When it was time to return back into my body, all the particles came together and I started floating down. I gave my love and gratitude to the gatekeepers, I went back into Creator of our Multiverses, swam back down through the "vines" of white light back in through the top of our universe and entered back through our Milky Way center and down back into my body.

After meditation I was happy knowing I am always taken care of and that I am a Creator Being. Perhaps I can change creation within the stream of particles but not sure as of yet what this means and how it effects my day to day.

I can feel the guardians of Creation of our Multiverses and them supporting my efforts to evolve and continue to map out our existence and multiverse.

Here is link to Tom Kenyon’s latest blog and sound meditation, "The Multiverse Sound Mediation"

Much love, Valentina