Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August 21 Eclipse Experience

I would like to share with you my August 21 eclipse experience and about the post eclipse energies. The day before the eclipse, Sunday August 20, I was in a very internal space, not wanting to engage with others and was “hiding” so I would not have to talk to people when I went about my day with my children. I thought it was lack of grounding so I grounded but after grounding I still had no words or ability to continue in a “normal” conversation about 3D life.

On Monday, the day of eclipse I woke with a buzzing and happy energy. I had much energy and was compelled to vacuum and clean home in early morning. I did not look at eclipse but instead I went inwards and meditated. The journey from eclipse meditation that stuck with me the most was flying through a grey storm or vortex.  I was in the center of storm/vortex where there was a stillness and everything was spinning around me.  I was flying upwards, as I was flying higher and higher different skin suits with different clothing from different time periods/timelines began peeling and falling off of me. As each skin suit/timeline fell away I was able to gather velocity and travel faster and higher. As I got to the top of funnel, I popped out the top of it and I no longer was in physical human form but instead a golden oval of radiant light. I expanded this energy in my core essence (heart area) from the part of me observing grounded in my physical body. 

After meditation I then went to a hot springs 2 hours north of my home to soak in sacred waters my ancestors used before the conquest. 

Post eclipse while working on clients I saw that for some the floor beneath them is falling and individuals grasping and trying to hold on in a panic. For me the floor represents old timelines that no longer support a person’s evolution. Instead of grasping, breath, ground and fly with the changes instead of fighting and holding on. The pain and frustration comes from holding on to what no longer works.  Some of the symptoms post eclipse were flu like symptoms, bloating, stomach issues, wrists, trouble grounding and old health issues flaring up. 

The positives I have noticed in the month of August is mine/our ability to lift outside of synthetic matrix and into the Void beyond time and space. Beyond the void is the quantum field in the lower 5th dimension. This is where all our information is accessible. During the month of August, my journeys beyond the membrane/wall between 4D (synthetic matrix) and 5D (organic creation) has been effortless and easily. To gain the velocity to break through the synthetic matrix and arena of 4D I expand my core/heart essence with my breathe and I lift up and out of 4D. Often times I stop at the wall/membrane as I need to continue to lift my vibration to pass through. There is a pause in my journey as I expand to pass on into the void before the quantum field. During the month of August felt like the barrier/membrane is no longer there.  I have been able to lift up and out without any pause or yielding. The second thing I’ve noticed as when working in the quantum field and creating the quantum sphere to remove old programs the sphere had gotten much larger. I do not know what that really means but perhaps more data/programs are visible to clear. 

We are still in a process of evolution and change be gentle with yourselves.