Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unsolid Ground - Portals Below The Feet.

     A theme I’ve been seeing in my sessions lately are portals underneath an individual’s feet. Some portals are deeper than others and I assume the deeper the portal the longer the portal has been open. The client is sinking and falling as they are grabbing, scratching and trying not to fall in further into the deep vortex. Large amounts of mental and physical energy are spent trying not to fall deeper. With most portals, it is common for entities and 4D critters coming through but for the recent underneath the feet portals I have not encountered critters or lower dimensional beings emerging. I do sense these portals act as antennas attracting negative energies to the client which creates further instability.

     To close portals regardless of where they are on a client is with a golden orb created in the 5th dimension. The orb travels to the end of the portal, which I refer to as the "root". The root is generally a red and orange ball of energy that spins. When orb enters the portal root, the orb combusts and shatters the root into tiny pieces that look like glowing embers and sparks, which then begin to fade and disappear. After the combustion of the root, the funnel created by the portal falls over and starts crumbling and dissolving. (They look like narrow cable TV satellites and they do have a synthetic nature to them, as if they are made of solid material).      

     The orb then mends the fabric (between time and space) or hole as if a zipper is zipping up the portal hole, bringing the Earth back together. When the orb gets to the top of the hole (the widest part of portal opening), time is spent creating solid ground for the client to stand upon again.

     The portals are opening to lower frequencies and domains. It's as if you are falling into an under or lower world. Currently this contributes to the wide spread ungrounding humanity is facing. As the frequencies increase, it is more difficult to remain in our bodies and grounded into the core of Earth Mother. Often times, over exerting our energy and exhausting our body's adrenals, linking us to a constant fight or flight pattern causing tension in our bodies, hearts and minds. Feeling panic and a sense of rushing from point A to point B, not in our bodies and not feeling safe and secure on planet Earth.

     Below is a description of how I clear portals anywhere no matter the size or location. 

     Get into a comfortable relaxed space, ground cord at tailbone into core of Earth and expand your core essence. Then lift your frequency into 5th dimension and call upon your Higher Self. Together create a golden orb of light. Next, jump from 5D to location of portal and stand back, take notes as the orb does the work in closing and creating solid ground. 

Many blessings, Valentina