Monday, March 12, 2018

Group Clearings

Hello Friends,

I am happy and pleased with yesterday’s Bi-Weekly clearing, which went smoothly and beautifully. The work took longer than I had thought but I am pleased with the the results, feedback and the flow of the clearings.  Below is some feedback I received last night regarding first group clearings:

"Awesome, thank you so much! I felt awesome today Valentina! Had a lot of energy!"
- AV

"We all had a great day today, back with electricity power and my health is back to high energy and centered!! I was up and running my regular day today!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"
- KC

"I felt a distinct lifting of some heavy energy this morning, thank you!"
- CO

"Today was a great day! I was happy and skipping all day. This is not a normal behaviour for me!"
- EA

If you are interested in group clearings I still have space and you can sign-up for April Clearings that are on schedule for April 6 and April 20. Clearings help us to not only get deeper results, but also help us connect collectively to broader healings and to our Higher Selves.

Looking forward to next Bi-Weekly clearings. 

Wholeness and balance, Valentina